Greasy Grove Is BACK! *NEW* Moisty Palms Prop Hunt Location! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Written by NICKMERCS


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  1. Your over reacting on greasy i think its fun its not bad. I can understand with mosty/prison the place would be super nice without the gimic. But i truly belive these gimicy stuff will only be for this season and next season just might be the best season.

  2. Good stuff Nick! I was excited when I saw Greasy and part of Moisty was back….. then reading about it they couldn't have fucked it up worse. So trash. I hate that it sucks so much to play Fortnite now but every other game is shit.

  3. I love the prop stuff in that area – hilarious – good, fun, different game play confined to ONE AREA IN GAME.
    The taco dancing stuff is not for me, avoiding that area 100%.

    Too bad mechs aren't confined to one area only…

  4. Tbh, I do see how those places could cause problems, and I know they’re going to get annoying, but I like the concept, just not how they did it. Maybe if they would’ve done it first circle so it’d be early game or just an Ltm. Also, all the people complaining about it only say they hate it because they go along with big streamers, most don’t know how make opinions up on their own

  5. I love how you dropping a high kill game without even trying! I made a video showing me making top 2% in solo cash cup thinking I was getting good until I saw this. Grinding to be good as you one day!

  6. These changes are good for most of the players who play casually and
    Are kids
    But for competitive not good
    So they should make separate pools mans
    Where these things they add dont appear in competitive

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