This Is Why Pros Have This Setting Enabled…HOW TO EDIT FAST IN FORTNITE!

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Written by NICKMERCS


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  1. aimbot i call bullshit on your aim i going to say u use aimbot no way in hell u hit ever shot . your not that good or u won the world cup not trying to be rude but , i bet money your useing some aimbot bs

  2. I remember back in the day, with the edit mode on it would block your field of view; you want to look outside of the editzone but it prevented going out of there, that's why I put it off. I dunno if they fixed it though, that'd be dope

  3. I’ve always had it in ON. Once tried it in OFF and couldn’t get used to it. Probably if I would’ve kept practicing I would’ve gotten used to it. It feels kinda easier for example when you wanna open the bottom three squares of the wall I just go from the middle right to the middle bottom without having to make a circle movement with my right joystick because since the setting is on, it automatically moves my aim to the bottom right square allowing me to open the wall.
    I hope I explained myself good. I just shared my opinion because almost everybody in the stream chat said they have the option OFF. Nice day to everyone!

  4. Nicks never truly gonna improve until he forces himself to get used to the paddle to edit, or until he edits with L3. Triangle to edit is just not it. Especially since he doesn’t play claw.

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