I Dropped 20 Elims and TimTheTatman Muted Me

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  1. Stop just posting a thumb nail of your face with just a basic description of what happens. Make them fun add a little animated characters of yourself. Pick a scene in the video and cartoon it up!

  2. Why are saying that fortnite is not very good I heard from the thedenverguy that you hate fortnite ,my son is so pissed off because of the things you are saying about fortnite are they true?And you are saying fortnite is awesome so who's lieing?Fortnite is growing and this guy is saying that you dont like it and all bad stuff about it please tell me the truth?The drumgun is awesome and so the pumpgum is vaulted so what it will come back,fortnite is just fine the way it is.Maybe you need to have a talk to this guy because he is making you look bad,you say you are the voice of the people leave it the way it is,it is making it easier for the new people who are starting out,or just keep quite because you making it bad for everyone else,so many lies going around.


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