This FAKE FaZe Member Should Go PRO! ( Random Duo Fills )

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  1. I love Nick so much just such a positive and humble man despite his huge following. He could’ve easily been annoyed by this kid, but chose to encourage and have fun with him! I would love to see u collar with this kid more he’s kinda funny and not bad…

  2. Yoooo, he's going viral again. 😂😂 The lil white kid getting hit by a basketball is my friend's friend's brother. They just posted it bc he was acting nuts and they had no idea why, it was just funny. NEVER expected him to blow up. 😂😂

  3. You’re insane, I love watching you play! You inspired me to create my own channel and produce content and I’d love some feedback/support from the fortnite community! Thanks!


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