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  1. Hello Tim, I understand that this is a very tough choice for you but please hear me out, I’d really like to be your duo. I got bashed because marksman distorted me once and I’d like to regain my name.
    -blue yeti mic
    -na east
    -I can play smart late game and aggressive whenever
    I switched to pc 6 months ago from Xbox that’s why my fortnite tracker isn’t to impressive.
    Thanks for the opportunity for this position Tim. Epic:oxliy

  2. Tim, I'm here. I have a great mic. Usually fooling around but can easily win arena games at the highest level and I always receive compliments on my mic/voice. https://fortnitetracker.com/profile/pc/MaxxxedOutMax . I've played enough games on NAE that I've accidentally killed most streamers without stream sniping Tfue, Ninja, the whole group of faze fools… (probably should pick stoic frozone however it'd still be an honor to queue up with you together some time) here's a funny clip of me killing Myth: https://clips.twitch.tv/NiceCuriousFalconPermaSmug

  3. Man now I wish I would’ve kept trying to get to champions league! I’m still in league six! Welp I’m stupid! If for someone you want to hit me up anyways Tim, my name is TTV.Phoenix_King. Also I’ll remove TTV if you feel like idk… not for World Cup becuase obviously I didn’t make it but I got close…

  4. XBOXGT: Seekoh
    EPIC: Seekoh
    1,200 wins
    3+ KD
    My partner and I had high 30's last week in duos world cup, we had a bad week, we're going to easily qualify this week!

  5. Wow that would be amazing if we could qualify together I post YouTube vids if you want to check me out my YouTube Chanel is BillyCobra128 and I post some of my clips I am a pretty good play check me out and tell me what you think my user is BillyCobra128 also I play on NA east

  6. Any really good players in champions that would wanna partner in the duo world cup? Previous world cup experienced preferred. NA East and plays on PC preferred. Comment below if anyone's down!


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