you have to watch this fortnite video…

you have to watch this fortnite video… USE CODE “Tfue” IN THE ITEM SHOP! Twitch: Twitter: …


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  1. Yo Tfue I have a freind on twitch I asked him if you could play with any streamer he said you and he asked me if I could ask you because he’s a huge fan and he’s embarrassed to talk to you because he thinks he’s gonna embarrass himself. Hit me up on discord @RaZ Fade if you agree

  2. Title:You gotta watch this fortnite video
    Me:Thought it was a ninja video
    Me:*looks in the title again*
    Me:*sees the name tfue*
    Me:Holy Mother Fuc*in Sh*t it's tfue gotta watch it!!!
    Me:*loudly throws my math book*

  3. You’re insane, I love watching you play! You inspired me to create my own channel and produce content and I’d love some feedback/support from the fortnite community! Thanks!


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